Imam Hasan Al-Banna'

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Imam Hasan Al-Banna'

Post by Shifa on Thu May 15, 2008 4:32 am

Asalamualaikum wr wb

Hasan Al-Banna'
( 1906, Egypt Saturday,February 12, 1949, Cairo), Egyptian political and religious leader who established a new religious society, the Muslim Brotherhood, and played a central role in Egyptian political and social affairs.

At age 12 Hasan Al-Banna' joined the Society for Moral Behavior, thus demonstrating at an early age the deep concern for religious affairs that characterized his entire life. In 1923 he enrolled at the Dar al-Ulum, a teacher training school in Cairo, which maintained a traditional religious and social outlook. In 1927 he was assigned to teach Arabic in a primary school in the city of Ismailia (al-Isma'iliyah), near the Suez Canal, which was a focal point for the foreign economic and military occupation of Egypt. There he witnessed scenes that acutely distressed him and many other Muslims. In March 1928, with six workers from a British camp labour force, he created the Society of the Muslim Brothers (Arabic: Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun), which aimed at a rejuvenation of Islam.

In the 1930s, at his own request, Hasan Al-Banna' was transferred to a teaching post in Cairo. By the advent of World War II the Muslim Brotherhood had grown enormously and had become a potent element on the Egyptian scene, attracting significant numbers of students, civil servants, urban labourers, and others, and representing almost every group in Egyptian society.

Muslim Brotherhood,

Soon after the biggest calamity happened in 1924 with the collapse of the "Khilafa", and the declaration of war against all shapes of Islam in most of the Muslim countries, the Islamic "revival" entered into the movement phase in the middle east by establishing "Al-Akhwan Al-Moslemoon" (Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt, 1928 . Soon after that date, it began to have several branches outside Egypt . Al-Akhwan, since that date, began to spread the principal Islamic idea : That Islam is "Creed and state, book and sword, and a way of life" .These principles were uncommon at that time even among many muslim "scholars" who believed that Islam is restricted within the walls of the mosque .The Ikhwan, after a few years, were banned and tortured in most of the Muslim countries .However, the "mother movement" kept growing and working. Its 1st leader and guide (murshid) _Hassan Al-Banna_ prefered "gathering men over gathering information in books" , and so he emphasized building the Ikhwanic organization and establishing its internal rules so that it would keep going, unaffected by his absence. And that's what happened after his shahada in 1949 in Cairo.

Arabic AL-IKHWAN AL-MUSLIMUN, religio-political organization founded in 1928 at Isma'iliyah, Egypt, by Hasan al-Banna'. It advocated a return to the Qur'an and the Hadith as guidelines for a healthy, modern Islamic society. The brotherhood spread rapidly throughout Egypt, the Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, and North Africa.

After 1938 the Muslim Brotherhood began to politicize its outlook. It demanded purity of the Islamic world and rejected westernization, and secularization. With the advent of the revolutionary regime in Egypt in 1952, the brotherhood retreated underground. Making up an attempt to assassinate Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in Alexandria on Oct. 26, 1954, led to the Muslim Brotherhood's forcible suppression. Six of its leaders were tried and executed for treason, and many others were imprisoned. In the 1960s and '70s the brotherhood's activities remained largely clandestine.

In the 1980s the Muslim Brotherhood experienced a renewal as part of the general upsurge of religious activity in Islamic countries. The brotherhood's new adherents aimed to reorganize society and government according to Islamic doctrines, and they were vehemently anti-Western. An uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Syrian city of Hamah in February 1982 was crushed by the government of Hafiz al-Assad at a cost of thousands of lives. The brotherhood revived in Egypt and Jordan in the same period, and beginning in the late 1980s it emerged to compete in legislative elections in those countries.

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